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10 October 2022 10:00
Swiss Crypto Marvels
Charitable NFT collection | Win travel vouchers!
4444 copies | 4 degrees of scarcity
Which NFT have I received?

Instructions for revealing your NFT

There are two ways to find out which NFT you have received.

  1. On the one hand, you can use PolygonScan to see which token number you have received and then compare this to the NFTs on the "Swiss Crypto Marvels" website. PolygonScan is a website that allows you to search the Polygon blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other activities. With this option, there is no need to scratch the private key on the paper wallet.
  2. On the other hand, you can visually check your animated NFT directly via OpenSea. However, this requires scratching the scratch field on your paper wallet.


1. Option: PolygonScan

1. Open PolygonScan website

2. Type your wallet address into the field (see screenshot below)

3. Select the "ERC-1155 Token" view (see point 1 in the image below). 

4. Now you know your token ID and therefore which NFT you have received (see point 2 in the image below).

2. Option: OpenSea und Metamask extension

1. First, go to the official MetaMask page and click on "Download". You will be redirected to the official Chrome Web Store and can now integrate the MetaMask Chrome Add-On into your browser by clicking on Add.

2. Now click on the MetaMask symbol in your browser bar, which looks like a fox.

3. Click on the round icon in the upper right corner and you will be taken to your account. Now select the option "Import account".

4. Scratch the wallet and enter your private key here

5. Now open the OpenSea website and click on your account (see image below)

6. Now you can see your NFT in your collection. If the NFT is not visible under "collected" in your profile, please follow the instructions in the FAQ on the "Swiss Crypto Marvels" page.